Ideum Pano Dual 49” Meets Stellar Playground

The latest collaboration between Ideum and Clark Planetarium provides an ultra-wide experience.

Ideum Pano Dual 49” Meets Stellar Playground
Visitors create solar systems on a digital touch table.

by Liz Richardson, Sales and Marketing Associate July 19th, 2022

Ideum recently teamed up with our friends at Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City, Utah, to create a unique experience for their Stellar Playground interactive exhibit software. Utilizing the Ideum ultra-wide multitouch Pano Dual 49” in tandem with the software encourages social interaction and more simultaneous users.

The Stellar Playground experience is both playful and educational, allowing the creation of stellar situations that reflect the real-world physics of celestial bodies. While building solar systems, users can learn about gravity and orbits, stellar evolution, planet habitability, and stellar birth and death events. Each celestial body can affect one another, which encourages engagement not only with the exhibit, but with other users. Work together to create a thriving star cluster, or foster chaos by creating a black hole that consumes all other bodies that come near; the possibilities (and learning opportunities) are endless!

While Stellar Playground is available on all sizes of Ideum touch tables, the experience on the ultra-wide projected-capacitive Pano Dual 49” touch table is a new and exciting development. The ultra-wide, 89” table can comfortably support 8 simultaneous users, allowing visitors to play and learn collaboratively.

In addition to Stellar Playground, Clark Planetarium has a variety of other interactive exhibits designed to work seamlessly with Ideum touch tables. Contact our sales team to learn more or to schedule a demo.