The Platform is a completely turnkey, full-sized 46" or 55" multitouch table that comes with a powerful integrated PC with an i7 quad core, built-in RFID, and support for up to 100 touch points. It is available in either projected-capacitive touch or IR-touch variations with a standard HD or 4K UHD display.

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Platform Drafting Table

The Platform Drafting Multitouch Table is series of complete, ruggedized projected-capacitive multitouch tables. It is available in 46", 55" and 65" variations and features a drafting-style, angled display that has support for up to 100 touch points. Standard HD or 4K UHD display options are available.

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Pro & Pro Lab

The Pro / Pro Lab 55" multitouch table has a powerful workstation, projected capacitive touch screen, 4K Ultra HD resolution, 100 touch points, an integrated UPS, and a Yamaha audio system. The Pro Lab variation includes expandable and removable storage, up to 24 TB.

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Duet Multitouch Coffee Tables

The Duet is the world's first dual-boot multitouch table. With this revolutionary "smart" coffee table, you can easily switch between the Windows 8 and Android systems with the click of a desktop button, or the flip of a hardware switch.

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The Pano is a hardened, integrated 100” multitouch table with dual 55” HD or 4K Ultra HD displays and a contiguous touch surface with 40+ touch points. The table features single push-button power, a ruggedized aircraft-grade aluminum enclosure, and powerful Intel i7 Quad Core workstation computer.

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