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Intel to show Ideum Table and Gameplay 2 at GDC


This week at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco attendees are getting a sneak peek of Ideum’s Gameplay 2 in Intel’s booth (#1016). Gameplay 2 allows gamers to turn their Android devices into game controllers for such games as Castle CrashersRead about Gameplay 2′s features and watch a video of Android devices used as touch controllers. 


Intel’s custom Platform 46 Drafting Multitouch Table in the Ideum studios. A Gameplay Virtual Controller for Streetfighter IV Tekken Arcade Edition is used on the table.

Along with standard PCs and Android devices, Intel will also have an Ideum 46″ Drafting Multitouch Table in their booth (#1016) at GDC. This custom-built table features a Gigabyte BRIX Pro Ultra Compact PC, a super powerful mini-PC with Intel Iris Pro Graphics 5200. 



GestureWorks Gameplay Version 2 Announced!

This summer Ideum, makers of GestureWorks and GestureWorks Gameplay, will be releasing version 2 of Gameplay, their popular PC gaming utility. Version 2 will allow gamers to turn their Android phones and tablets into Virtual Controllers which are fully customizable for hundreds of PC games. Up to four players can be connected for co-op and multiplayer games. While the Virtual Controllers can emulate the joystick, buttons, D-pad, and other controls of a standard game control, the easy-to-use drag and drop interface allows for so much more customization. Opacity, size, and sensititvity can all be adjusted and there are even game-specific skins available with each of the four controllers showing a unique color and character from the game. Next week at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco attendees will get a sneak peek of Gameplay 2 in Intel’s booth. Along with standard PCs and Android devices, Intel will have an Ideum 46″ Multitouch Drafting Table in their booth #1016 at GDC.


Race your friends playing DiRT3.


Connect your touch devices and play co-op with friends!


Play games like Castle Crashers using your Android device.

See more photos of Gameplay 2 here.

Gameplay 2 introduces a more social side to gaming as controllers and screenshots can both be shared easily between friends. Also new in Version 2 is the ability for the Android controllers to provide audio and vibration feedback and receive accelerometer data.

GestureWorks Gameplay Version 2 beta will be open in May. Owners of Version 1 who have published Virtual Controllers and have been active and helpful in the forums will be asked if they are interested in participating; all beta participants will receive a free upgrade. Anyone who has purchased Version 1 in 2014 or purchases it now will also receive a free upgrade. Other licensed Gameplay owners, including those who received free copies from participating in Version 1 beta, will receive a significant discount on Version 2 when it is available.

Read the full GestureWorks Gameplay 2 press release.


Ideum at DSE 2014


Ideum multitouch products head to Las Vegas again for the Digital Signage Expo 2014 (DSE) from February 12-13. Our tables will be featured in the 3M booth (#1600) – see our Platform 46 Coffee Table, Full-size Table, and Drafting Multitouch Table.  We will also be making an exciting new product announcement with 3M – stay tuned!

3M will be pairing the tables with our innovative GestureWorks Gameplay product for Windows 8 and Visit Indy a custom 3D way finding application our Creative Services team developed with RATIO Architects.  

Check out our the video for our most recent release, the Platform 46 Drafting Multitouch Table:





Ideum at CES 2014 Las Vegas

2014 CES

Viva Las Vegas! Ideum and GestureWorks will be at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, January 7-10, showing off our latest hardware and software offerings. The best place to see our hardware is the 3M Touch Systems booth, South Hall 3 – 30459. There will four (yes, four!) Ideum multitouch tables in the 3M booth. We will have our 32″ and 46″ Multitouch Coffee Tables, our Platform 46″ Multitouch Table, and our newest form factor, the Platform 46 Drafting Multitouch Table.

A few Ideum-built multitouch apps will be featured in the 3M booth. You can check out our 3D Multitouch Foosball application and the Visit Indy interactive exhibit. Also, check out two-player PC games touch-enabled with GestureWorks Gameplay. These two-player touch controllers provide an arcade-like experience on a large multitouch table.

GestureWorks Gameplay in action for two players on a Platform 46 Coffee Table.

GestureWorks Gameplay will also be featured in Intel booth at CES 2014, Central Hall – 7252. Gameplay software will be running on a number of All-In-One systems. You can play Castle Crashers, Trine, and Duck Tales with Gameplay touch controllers. Gameplay will also make an appearance in the Intel 2-in-1 and tablet areas of their booth. We will do another post closer to CES with more details!

Duck Tales on GestureWorks Gameplay.

Come on by the 3M and Intel and check us out. If you’d like to meet up, just send us an email at: info -at- See you in Vegas!


GestureWorks Gameplay 1.0

GestureWorks Gameplay - Windows 8 GamesToday marks an important milestone for all of us at Ideum. GestureWorks Gameplay 1.0 is now out and available for sale on the Gameplay Website. This is our first major product associated with gaming and directed toward end-users. (If you are reading this, you probably know that most of what we we do involves museums or other public spaces or is directed toward software developers.) Gameplay was nearly a year in the making and, in one way or another, it involved almost every one of our 25 employees. We are very proud of what our team has been able to accomplish.

GestureWorks Gameplay lets gamers on Windows 8 use or build their own custom touch interfaces (Virtual Controllers) for popular PC games. The Gameplay software has a drag-and-drop interface where users can add game pads, joysticks, buttons, and other touch interface elements. Gamers can download, edit and upload, and share their own custom Virtual Controllers through the Gameplay Website. This is an entirely new way of interacting with touch. We know of no other software that allows this level of control by the end user. You can learn more about how Gameplay works on its site.

Gameplay software uses our own GestureWorks multitouch SDK. Intel provided assistance in helping optimize our software, which was really key to making Gameplay effective and responsive (even on tablets and other portable devices). Many thanks to Intel for their support in developing Gameplay.

So far, we’ve tested around 100 games and 75 were found to be fully compatible. This means that it’s likely that thousands of games will work with Gameplay. A somewhat silly pie chart demonstrates the “2% of PC games” that we’ve been able to test so far.GestureWorks Gameplay Chart

Gameplay be officially launched on Tuesday, November 5th (the soft launch is today!). Ideum will be demoing Gameplay 1.0 at Defrag / Blur conference in Denver this week. We are bringing a Platform 46 multitouch table and Platform 46 multitouch coffee table to show two player games with Gameplay!  We are Blur sponsors and Ideum’s Creative Director and CEO will be speaking on Wednesday, November 6th. 



Ideum Multitouch Table and Gameplay at Intel Extreme Masters in NYC


Ideum’s CTO, Paul Lacey will be speaking at Intel Extreme Masters in New York City this Friday. Ideum will have a Platform 46 multitouch table in the Intel booth at Intel Extreme Masters starting on Thursday (October 10th – 13th.) Intel will be showing our GestureWorks Gameplay software, a new way of interacting with games on Windows 8 touch devices.

At Intel Extreme Masters, players and teams from around the world compete in “esports” for prize money and prestige. The NYC events are the second stop in Season 8 – other competition locations include Shanghai, Singapore, and Sao Paulo.

The Platform 46 table will be available for Intel Extreme Masters participants and spectators to check out Gameplay Virtual Controllers for Mortal Kombat, LEGO Star Wars, and others. 

Check out the video of the Gameplay Virtual Controller for LEGO Star Wars–we show a two-player configuration about half-way through it.

Don’t forget, we will also be at ASTC 2013 later this month showcasing our hardware and software initiatives.


GestureWorks Gameplay Revealed Today in San Francisco

Today our GestureWorks Gameplay software was revealed at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF2013) in San Francisco.  The software was shown as part of the keynote address this morning.

GestureWorks Gameplay is a revolutionary new way of interacting with popular PC
games. Gameplay software for Windows 8 lets gamers use and build their own
Virtual Controllers for touch, which are overlaid on top of existing PC games. In
addition, gamers can use hundreds of personalized gestures to interact on the
screen.GestureWorks Gameplay - Playing Mark of the NinjaYou can sign up for the Beta, see a video of Gameplay in action, and read the press release on the GestureWorks Gameplay website. The story also hit Engadget this morning, see: GestureWorks Gameplay adds onscreen controls to almost any Windows 8 game


GestureWorks HCI Software Framework Update

It has been a busy few months here at Ideum! We released the Platform 46 multitouch table and multitouch coffee table, held the HCI+ISE Conference, and developed custom exhibit work for the Garry Winogrand exhibit at SFMOMA and Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth, UK. We also have three more custom projects near completion. Our GestureWorks team has continues to be busy with new software releases, new demos, and new partnerships.

3M-multitouch-screenThe big news is our new software promotion with 3M.  If you purchase any of 3M’s outstanding 18.5″, 21.5″, 24″ and 27″ multi-touch desktop displays, you get a coupon for a free standard copy of GestureWorks Core or GestureWorks Flash.  You can read the full annoucement on the 3M website. This partnership was announced at InfoCOMM 2013. 

In 3M’s booth at InfoCOMM, we showed off the new Platform 46 multitouch table and multitouch coffee table along with a new GestureWorks-built demo. Our multitouch, multiplayer version of Foosball shows just how responsive a GestureWorks-built application can be. You can learn more about this unique demo on the GestureWorks blog.

Finally, a couple months ago we released GestureWorks Websocket.  It uses Javascript and HTML5 in conjunction with GestureWorks Core. You can read more about this new authoring solution on the GestureWorks blog


More news to come as we will have additional product annoucements this summer and fall!


Platform 46 Available Next Month + InfoComm Update

Ideum 3M Multitouch Table and Multitouch Coffee Table
The Platform 46 Multitouch Table and Platform 46 Multitouch Coffee Table will start shipping in July.  (You can pre-order yours here.) These advanced touch tables are the first to integrate 46″ 3M High-Performance Multitouch Displays. They use projected capacitive touch technology (just like most smart phones and tablets). The displays are impervious to light interference and support up to 60 simultaneous touch points.  

Gizmag and both ran stories on the new tables and we got a mention in ComputerWorld. (The ComputerWorld story talks about how Microsoft could “rule consumer electronics” if they released a table like the Platform 46 Multitouch Coffee Table.)

Both tables were announced at InfoComm 2013 in Orlando, Florida earlier in the month and were featured in the 3M booth.  InAVate TV interviewed Dave Henry of 3M as he showed off the Platform 46 Multitouch Coffee Table.

3M also showed off some new GestureWorks-built multitouch software. Look for coverage on that and other new software developments in an upcoming blog post.


3M 46″ ‘Platform’ Multitouch Table Prototype

Update July 16, 2013: The Platform 46 Multitouch Table and Multitouch Coffee Table are now available!

A new 3M and Ideum multitouch table prototype debuts this week at the Digital Signage Expo (DSE) 2013 in Las Vegas.  DSE is the world’s largest trade show dedicated to interactive display technology. The table uses the 3M 46″ (C4667PW) multitouch display integrated into an Ideum Platform pedestal.

The 46″ 3M Multi-Touch Display, with 3M Projected Capacitive Technology, has been fully integrated within an Ideum Platform multitouch table chassis. The table supports 60 simultaneous touch points at an ultra fast 12ms response rate.  It is fully-integrated and has a single-push button control. The Platform has an  i7 quad-core processor, 16 GB RAM, and an SSD drive. It has full connectivity including built in RFID and it runs Windows 7 or 8 OS.

DSE 2013 attendees are invited to stop by the 3M Touch Systems booth (#926) and check it out. There will also be GestureWorks multitouch software demos running on a variety of 3M hardware including their massive 84″ multitouch screen. Ideum will be on-hand at DSE on Thursday, February 28 and we welcome you to contact us to meet up.

Below are a few photographs of the prototype.

3M 46" - Ideum Platform 3M 46" - Ideum Platform

This new Ideum and 3M Platform prototype is as exactingly crafted as all of our multitouch tables: hardened, turn-key, and made for demanding public spaces. The 46″ Platform table will be available this summer, we hope to announce a firm date in the next month.

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