Platform 46 Available Next Month + InfoComm Update

Ideum 3M Multitouch Table and Multitouch Coffee Table
The Platform 46 Multitouch Table and Platform 46 Multitouch Coffee Table will start shipping in July.  (You can pre-order yours here.) These advanced touch tables are the first to integrate 46″ 3M High-Performance Multitouch Displays. They use projected capacitive touch technology (just like most smart phones and tablets). The displays are impervious to light interference and support up to 60 simultaneous touch points.  

Gizmag and both ran stories on the new tables and we got a mention in ComputerWorld. (The ComputerWorld story talks about how Microsoft could “rule consumer electronics” if they released a table like the Platform 46 Multitouch Coffee Table.)

Both tables were announced at InfoComm 2013 in Orlando, Florida earlier in the month and were featured in the 3M booth.  InAVate TV interviewed Dave Henry of 3M as he showed off the Platform 46 Multitouch Coffee Table.

3M also showed off some new GestureWorks-built multitouch software. Look for coverage on that and other new software developments in an upcoming blog post.


Human Computer Interaction in Informal Science Education Conference

HCI+ISE ConferenceNext week Ideum along with Independent Exhibitions will host the Human Computer Interaction in Informal Science Education (HCI+ISE) Conference. This first-of-its-kind conference will bring together exhibit designers, developers, researchers, and educators to explore the potential of new HCI technologies in informal educational settings. The conference will have events at Explora!, the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, Ideum, and the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center.

The goals of the conference, as stated in our National Science Foundation proposal, are as follows:

“The goals of the meeting are to advance the current state of knowledge about the complex challenges and opportunities that exhibit designers and developers encounter in technology-based exhibitions and suggest strategies for enabling them to share theoretical and implementation approaches and methods.”

This is what we hope to achieve at the conference, again from the original proposal:

The HCI+ISE conference will:
1. Examine existing exhibits that use HCI technology;
2. Bring people together with diverse expertise to explore issues in common, and engage in design activities to better identify effective practices for designing HCI science exhibits;
3. Identify conditions under which HCI can be effective for enhancing museum visitor access, participation, and learning;
4. Identify strategies and mechanisms for expanding the application of HCI to exhibit practice, thereby maintaining freshness and nimbleness in exhibition development;
5. Connect to NSF research priorities, and to initiatives and strategic areas, in order to advance and strengthen the interchanges between museum practice, the learning sciences, and public understanding of science; and
6. Create a network of HCI+ISE users, and take steps to improve communication, knowledge access and leadership within and across ISE communities.

More concretely, we have set up a number of small group activities and discussions that will explore the nature of new HCI technologies and their real and potential applications in museums settings.

The conference will culminate in an exploration of future scenarios. In particular, we are having groups look at the visitor experience seven years from now in 2020. We are focusing on a diverse set of institutions, each with a stakeholder as a group facilitator. Groups will create vignettes of visitor interaction at the following institutions: Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, Explora!, New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, SFMOMA, Shedd Aquarium, and London Science Museum.

A digital booklet with findings from the HCI+ISE conference will be released later this summer and will include the future vignettes from each group. In addition, we will have a way for conference attendees and others interested in the future scenario to get these documents (re)emailed to them in June of 2020. This digital time capsule feature will be available on the HCI+ISE site following the conference.

The HCI+ISE Conference is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF DRL #1139752) and sponsored by Intel. (This article is cross-posted on the Open Exhibits & HCI+ISE site).


Ideum at the AAM Annual Meeting and MuseumExpo

aam_logoIdeum will be attending this month’s American Alliance of Museum’s Annual Meeting and MuseumExpo in Baltimore, May 19-22. We’ll be at Booth #501 - come see our Platform 3M 46 touch table, Presenter 55 touch wall, and our Open Exhibits Collection Viewer application.  

The MuseumExpo opening event begins on Monday, May 20th at noon. 

Jim Spadaccini, Ideum’s CEO & Creative Director, will present in the Annual Meeting session titled Learning Together: Developing Multi-User Interactives on Tuesday, May 21st at 8:45 a.m.  Fellow presenters include Aaron Miller of Bluecadet, Marie Georg of the Field Museum, and moderator Josh Goldblum of Bluecadet. 


Ideum at Museums and the Web and AAM Annual Conferences

We have a couple of conferences coming up in April and May. We will be showing our prototype 3M 46″ Platform Multitouch Table which debuted at Digital Signage Expo (DSE) in February and then went on to hit South-by-Southwest (SXSW) earlier this month. Come check it out yourself at:

Museums and the Web LogoMuseums and the Web in Portland, April 17-20.  In addition to an exhibit booth, we will be doing a workshop on Open Exhibits, our free multitouch software for museums and educational institutions.

American Alliance of Museums Logo
American Alliance of Museums
 in Baltimore, May 19-22, Come see us at Booth #501 right near the entrance to the exhibit hall. We will demo the latest Open Exhibits software. In addition, Ideum’s Jim Spadaccini will be one of the presenters for a session: Learning Together: Developing Multi-User Interactives. That session will be held, bright and early at 8:45AM on Tuesday May 21st. 


3M 46″ ‘Platform’ Multitouch Table Prototype

Update July 16, 2013: The Platform 46 Multitouch Table and Multitouch Coffee Table are now available!

A new 3M and Ideum multitouch table prototype debuts this week at the Digital Signage Expo (DSE) 2013 in Las Vegas.  DSE is the world’s largest trade show dedicated to interactive display technology. The table uses the 3M 46″ (C4667PW) multitouch display integrated into an Ideum Platform pedestal.

The 46″ 3M Multi-Touch Display, with 3M Projected Capacitive Technology, has been fully integrated within an Ideum Platform multitouch table chassis. The table supports 60 simultaneous touch points at an ultra fast 12ms response rate.  It is fully-integrated and has a single-push button control. The Platform has an  i7 quad-core processor, 16 GB RAM, and an SSD drive. It has full connectivity including built in RFID and it runs Windows 7 or 8 OS.

DSE 2013 attendees are invited to stop by the 3M Touch Systems booth (#926) and check it out. There will also be GestureWorks multitouch software demos running on a variety of 3M hardware including their massive 84″ multitouch screen. Ideum will be on-hand at DSE on Thursday, February 28 and we welcome you to contact us to meet up.

Below are a few photographs of the prototype.

3M 46" - Ideum Platform 3M 46" - Ideum Platform

This new Ideum and 3M Platform prototype is as exactingly crafted as all of our multitouch tables: hardened, turn-key, and made for demanding public spaces. The 46″ Platform table will be available this summer, we hope to announce a firm date in the next month.


Multitouch & HCI Workshop at WebWise Conference

IMLS WebWise Conference

 Next month, I will be presenting at the WebWise Conference in Baltimore. Multitouch Collaborative Computing & Other HCI Delights will cover various aspects of multitouch and multiuser exhibit design. In addition, I will demonstrate some of the other emerging HCI technologies such as motion recognition. The workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, March 6th. Here is the description: 

The popularity of multitouch‐enabled phones and tablets has shifted user expectations and changed the way computer installations are designed for public and semi‐public spaces such as: museums, libraries, schools and other places where people gather. More and more, visitors expect that screens found in public spaces are not only touchable, but are also capable of multitouch. This shift has helped expand interest in large‐scale multitouch tables and touch walls and is bringing to the forefront new and collaborative ways for users to interact.

While the rise in touch‐based mobile devices may be the catalyst for interest in large‐scale multitouch, the differences in the types of user interaction are significant. Unlike mobile devices, multitouch tables and touch walls encourage multiple users to interact simultaneously; software can be designed to encourage face‐to‐face collaboration and social interaction. The potential for informal learning around these types of installations is just beginning to be explored.

In this workshop, we will look at the physical and social nature of multitouch tables and touch walls; we will focus on the qualities of collaborative computing as multitouch technology and design models continue to evolve and mature. In addition, we will take a brief look at motion recognition and discuss how this technology and others are collectively forming a new wave in HCI (human computer interaction). A short introduction to the Open Exhibits project will also be presented.


Open Exhibits Workshop at Museums and the Web 2013

Open Exhibits is presenting a workshop at the Museums and the Web 2013 conference in Portland, Oregon on Wednesday, April 17.

The Open Exhibits workshop will explore the technology and design aspects of multitouch, multi-user exhibit development through hands-on application building using the Open Exhibits SDK. Among much else, the workshop will introduce the digital database collection viewer, an application that allows multitouch, mulituser browsing of a museum’s digital media archive.

The workshop is open to both new and veteran users. Workshop attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn about topics of interest including:

• Integrating digital media databases (including Flickr)
• Multitouch, multiuser design strategies
• Gesture Markup Language
• Creative Markup Language
• Building components and other advanced SDK topics

Workshop attendees will experience the Open Exhibits software framework through one of Ideum’s multitouch tables, the Platform.The attendees will learn how to create an application using the framework and will have the opportunity to test it on a large multitouch, multiuser computing surface.

The workshop will be led by Jim Spadaccini, Director of Ideum and Principal Investigator of Open Exhibits and Charles Veasey, Project Manager and Lead Software Developer of Open Exhibits.

The annual Museums and the Web conference is the leading international conference in the field of museums and their websites. It has been organized by Archives & Museum Informatics each Spring in North America since 1997.

Register now:


Ideum at ISE and Other Conferences in 2013

We are taking our touch products and software on the road in 2013. Come see us! Here are the conferences that we’ve confirmed so far for 2013:

Next week! ISE 2013, Amsterdam, January 29-31: We’ll be at stand 8-R200 with a Platform table and Gestureworks Core multitouch software and our new GestureKey utility for Windows 8.  Contact us to meet up.

Museums and the Web, Portland, April 17-20: We will be doing a workshop on Open Exhibits, our free multitouch software for museums and educational institutions. We will also have a Platform table to demo.

American Alliance of Museums, Baltimore, May 19-22: We will be on hand with a Platform table and we will demo Open Exhibits software. Ideum’s Jim Spadaccini will be one of the presenters for a session: Learning Together: Developing Multi-User Interactives.

Association of Science – Technology Centers, Albuquerque, October 19-22: This year’s ASTC conference will be in our own backyard. We will be exhibiting Open Exhibits and a Platform table.


Ideum at ISE 2013 Conference in Amsterdam

ISE 2013 IdeumWe will be at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) from January 29-31 in Amsterdam. The conference drew 40,000 attendees last year and a large number of display, HCI, hardware and software vendors exhibit their products. You can learn more about the conference at:

The Ideum booth (stand 8-R200) will have a Platform multitouch table and we will be showing the GestureWorks core multitouch software along with our new GestureKey utility for Windows 8. We will show our software working with a number of different touch and motion recognition devices including our own multitouch table.

If you are planning on attending and would like meet up, please contact us and let us know. See you in Amsterdam in the new year!


Human Computer Interaction in Informal Science Education: Conference

Human Computer Interaction in Informal Science Education
June 11-14, 2013 / Albuquerque, New Mexico 

The HCI+ISE Conference, supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF), will bring together museum exhibit designers and developers, learning researchers, and technology industry professionals to explore the potential impact of new human-computer interaction (HCI) technologies in informal science education (ISE) settings. The theme of the Conference is the balance between exhibit technology and the visitor experience.

The emergence of multitouch, motion-recognition, radio frequency identification (RFID), near field communication (NFC), voice recognition, augmented reality, and other technologies are already beginning to shape the visitor experience. In this three-day conference, presenters and participants will share effective practices and explore both the enormous potential, and possible pitfalls, that HCI advancements present for exhibit development.

The Conference will have activities, discussions, and group interactions exploring technical, design, and educational topics centered on HCI+ISE. A variety of technology examples such as multitouch tables, touch walls, Arduino controllers, Kinect hacks, RFID tags, and other prototypes and gear will be demonstrated.
HCI+ISE will focus on the practical considerations of implementing new HCI technologies in educational settings with an eye on the future. Along with a survey of how HCI is shaping the museum world, participants will be challenged to envision the museum experience a decade into future.

Conference events will be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, and at Ideum’s Corrales studio.

Attendance at the HCI+ISE Conference is limited to 60 participants, some of whom will be invited because of their specific point of view and expertise. Conference participant interactions will provide opportunities for collaboration and potential partnerships that will persist well into the future. Applications are welcome from exhibit developers, designers, educators, researchers, evaluators, and technologists. Funding from the NSF is available to help support the travel costs of attendees.

The application form and more information about the Conference can be found on this website at:

Conference co-chairs: Kathleen McLean of Independent Exhibitions and Jim Spadaccini of Ideum, Inc.

The HCI+ISE Conference is hosted by Ideum and Independent Exhibitions and is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1139752.

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