GestureWorks Gameplay 2 is now Available!

Our firm is probably best known for museum exhibits and multitouch tables, but we also have a software product called GestureWorks Gameplay. Today, we reached a new milestone as GestureWorks Gameplay Version 2 was released on Steam.

Gameplay is a unique application that allows users to create their own custom interfaces for PC games and applications.  These virtual controllers can then be shared with others through the GestureWorks Gameplay website. There are currently 346 virtual controllers for hundreds of PC games.

Gameplay 2 improves and extends the features in the first version and includes that ability to connect to PC games with an Android phone or tablet. Check out this video which shows Gameplay 2 with Teslagrad (a fantastic Indy game you can learn more about here).

We are proud of the work that we’ve done with Gameplay.  It has drawn on all of our expertise we developed over the years in design, user-interface, usability testing, and programming. We’re also very grateful to have support from great game partners and from Intel who have helped the product along in many ways. There’s more to come in the future, including an OEM deal with a major computer maker (sorry, but we can’t share just yet) and a new version of Gameplay with revolutionary features later this year..



Discovery Channel’s Future Planet Week Highlights Ideum’s Android Coffee Tables

dailey planet

The May 8th episode of the Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet focused on Future Homes as part of their Future Planet Week and featured technological innovations that will shape how we live. We are excited that the program spotlighted our Platform multitouch coffee tables, with the Android OS,  as an example of cool, new technology for the home. 

Check out a clip of the episode, Ideum appears around 1:50.

android ct


Ideum’s GestureWorks Gameplay Greenlit on Steam


Last month the gaming community helped get our GestureWorks Gameplay software Greenlit on Steam and we couldn’t be happier. Now our groundbreaking virtual controller utility for PC games is even more accessible through the Steam gaming platform.  Current license holders of Gameplay will receive Steam codes once the software is available for sale in Steam later this summer.

Gameplay allows you to configure Virtual Controllers for legacy PC games for use on Windows 8 touch devices like tablets, Ultrabooks, All-in-Ones, 2-in-1s, and touch-enabled desktop systems. You can also download Virtual Controllers built by other gamers and share the controllers you’ve built with the Gameplay community. 

Mid-summer Gameplay 2 will be release with support for Android remote devices. Check out the video for Gameplay Version 2:



Sweet Deal: Android KitKat OS on an Ideum Multitouch Coffee Table


KitKat just got even sweeter. The latest Android OS is now available on our Platform 46 and Platform 32 coffee tables. These multitouch coffee tables can be purchased with a choice of operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, KitKat, or, as an upgrade, a Windows 8 / KitKat or Windows 7 / Windows 8 dual boot system. 

Check out this video of Minecraft being played in the Android KitKat OS on our Platform 46 Coffee Table.


Enjoy all the Android apps for smartphones and tablets on our multitouch coffee tables for a more social experience. 

Our first Android OS build video from our original Android announcement blog post. This video now has over 150,000 views on our YouTube channel!



GestureWorks Gameplay Version 2 Announced!

This summer Ideum, makers of GestureWorks and GestureWorks Gameplay, will be releasing version 2 of Gameplay, their popular PC gaming utility. Version 2 will allow gamers to turn their Android phones and tablets into Virtual Controllers which are fully customizable for hundreds of PC games. Up to four players can be connected for co-op and multiplayer games. While the Virtual Controllers can emulate the joystick, buttons, D-pad, and other controls of a standard game control, the easy-to-use drag and drop interface allows for so much more customization. Opacity, size, and sensititvity can all be adjusted and there are even game-specific skins available with each of the four controllers showing a unique color and character from the game. Next week at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco attendees will get a sneak peek of Gameplay 2 in Intel’s booth. Along with standard PCs and Android devices, Intel will have an Ideum 46″ Multitouch Drafting Table in their booth #1016 at GDC.


Race your friends playing DiRT3.


Connect your touch devices and play co-op with friends!


Play games like Castle Crashers using your Android device.

See more photos of Gameplay 2 here.

Gameplay 2 introduces a more social side to gaming as controllers and screenshots can both be shared easily between friends. Also new in Version 2 is the ability for the Android controllers to provide audio and vibration feedback and receive accelerometer data.

GestureWorks Gameplay Version 2 beta will be open in May. Owners of Version 1 who have published Virtual Controllers and have been active and helpful in the forums will be asked if they are interested in participating; all beta participants will receive a free upgrade. Anyone who has purchased Version 1 in 2014 or purchases it now will also receive a free upgrade. Other licensed Gameplay owners, including those who received free copies from participating in Version 1 beta, will receive a significant discount on Version 2 when it is available.

Read the full GestureWorks Gameplay 2 press release.


Ideum Platform 46 Multitouch Tables with 3M at SXSW Interactive


Regarded as one of the best the sources for groundbreaking music, film, and technology, South by Southwest™ (SXSW) is the perfect venue for Ideum’s forward-thinking and social large-scale multitouch hardware.

This year Ideum partner 3M will be hosting an Idea Exchange at SXSW Interactive on March 7-9, in Austin, Texas. Featured at the 3M Idea Exchange will be their latest technology including Ideum’s Platform 46 Coffee Table, Android OS Coffee Table, and Full-size Multitouch Table that integrate 46″ 3M projected capacitive displays. 3M will also have our super fun, multiuser, 3D foosball application on a table for Idea Exchange visitors to play. 

If you are attending SXSW, stop by the 3M Idea Exchange to see our hardware and chat with 3M about what’s hot this year in interactive technology. 



Ideum and 3M Android Initiative Announced at DSE 2014


Ideum and 3M’s partnership continues to produce innovative advances in large-scale multitouch hardware. Tomorrow morning, at the Digital Signage Expo (DSE) in Las Vegas, the two companies will make an announcement unveiling the high performance Ideum Platform 46 Coffee Table with Android OS. In case you missed it, we blogged last week about Ideum and 3M at DSE 2014 in Las Vegas.

The coffee table features 3M’s 46-inch multitouch display (C4667PW) and Ideum’s signature multitouch table build.

Access super fast apps on the Platform 46 Coffee Table including the same Android apps available for tablets and smartphones. From games and social media to organization and lifestyle apps, this coffee table provides entertainment for everyone.

The Platform 46 Coffee Table’s integrated computer will run Android Version 4.1 (Jellybean) on Intel’s x86 architecture and will be available for purchase later in 2014.  The combination of Android and Intel-based hardware makes for an incredibly fast system. This platform will provide new options for developers looking to build locked-down applications for public spaces. We will be expanding this option to other systems and offering dual-OS systems later this year.

Below is a video of the Android coffee table in action. (Update: February 12, 2014) Here is the joint 3M & Ideum press release on the Wall Street Journal site. The press kit can be found on the 3M website.


Ideum at DSE 2014


Ideum multitouch products head to Las Vegas again for the Digital Signage Expo 2014 (DSE) from February 12-13. Our tables will be featured in the 3M booth (#1600) – see our Platform 46 Coffee Table, Full-size Table, and Drafting Multitouch Table.  We will also be making an exciting new product announcement with 3M – stay tuned!

3M will be pairing the tables with our innovative GestureWorks Gameplay product for Windows 8 and Visit Indy a custom 3D way finding application our Creative Services team developed with RATIO Architects.  

Check out our the video for our most recent release, the Platform 46 Drafting Multitouch Table:





Welcome to Ideum Labs

Ideum Labs title imageIf you’ve read Ideum Blog and you’ve been keeping up with GestureWorks and Open Exhibits, you know that we’re fast moving and productive group. The unfortunate thing about being this productive is that we often don’t get the chance to share all the cool ideas, experiments, and discoveries we’ve made along the way.

Enter Ideum Labs, our new Tumblr blog. Labs was conceived as a high output, low production value home for Ideum and GestureWorks Staff to share raw ideas, UX experiments, project snippets, random acts of science, and interesting HCI + multitouch news.

What have we shared thus far? How about wood-paneled multitouch tables, unpainted touch walls, multitouch solitaire (a la Windows XP), Windows 8 beta, and multitouch Van Gogh.

Learn more about Ideum Labs at, or read all the Labs posts on the Ideum facebook page.


Open Exhibits, Year Two

Our Open Exhibits multitouch software initiative has just completed its first year. Last year, we received funding from the National Science Foundation and we launched our full community site last November. We’ve learned a lot in year one and we are gearing up for an exciting second year.

If you haven’t been following developments on the Open Exhibits site, here’s an update:

The Heist project was announced today. Heist is an experimental project that uses Open Exhibits and GestureWorks software and is powered by Sensus server technology to enable effortless networking. It allows museum visitors to “steal” digital objects; easily placing them on their smart phones or tablets.

Heist: reviewing files on an iPad

The system uses a captive WiFi portal to push an HTML5 app to visitors so there is no need to download an iOS or Android app. The visitor just connects to WiFi and opens their browser. We are planning a testbed with ten museums this winter.  Learn more and check out a video of Heist.

Open Exhibits is on the road in October and November. There are presentations and workshops planned on both coasts and in Europe. We’ll be at Association of Science- Technology Center’s (ASTC) annual conference in Baltimore, the British Museum in London, and at The Tech Museum in San Jose. We will have one of our MT55 Platform Multitouch Tables at the British Museum if you want to check it out.

Work has begun on a new version of our most downloaded software module, the multitouch-enabled Collection Viewer. We’ve posted preliminary designs and have explained the new features that will become available in the new version.

Collection Viewer UI

Open Exhibits surpassed 10,000 software downloads last month and our community now has over 1,700 members. If you haven’t already done so, please join us. We are looking forward to an eventful second year.

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