New MT55 HD Multitouch Table Now Shipping

Late last month, we quietly introduced our new MT55 HD Multitouch Table.  Today our first production unit shipped with many more headed out this week and next. (US and Canada only for now.) The table is major step forward with a huge 55″ HD LED LCD display in a hardened case which is less than 3 inches thick!

The multitouch table is a fully integrated, hardened system and it includes an integrated HP computer with a three-year warranty. It has single button operation, integrated power and cooling, a UPS back-up system, controllable LED under-lighting, and even a Bose audio system. The table also comes with the GestureWorks multitouch SDK. (You can see the full specifications on our MT55 HD product page.)

Last week, we unveiled the MT55 HD at the Museums and the Web conference in Philadelphia. We are now preparing for the American Association of Museums (AAM) conference and we have designed an ad for the conference program. Here’s a sneak peak of the full-page MT55 HD advertisement:

MT55 Multitouch Table - Ad for the AAM Conference
This week we are working on a polished promotional video that will show off all the features of the MT55 HD. Right now, we have a short video of the MT55 HD in action and a few photographs on our Flickr site (see the MT55 HD Multitouch Table set). Watch for our promotional video, we’ll be posting it very soon.


7 thoughts on “New MT55 HD Multitouch Table Now Shipping

  1. Is there a price range for this ? Couldn’t find it anywhere.

  2. Hello

    can i ask what is the cooling system and how it operates?
    Very nice model indeed? where can i find prices for it?

  3. Jim Spadaccini on said :
  4. There are a series of fans in both the screen case and pedestal. They help cool both the computer and the LCD screen itself. As far as pricing, please email us directly and we’d be happy to send along the full specs and pricing. sales[at]

  5. It’s beautiful. Congrats.

    Can you drop a bowling ball on it?

  6. Jim Spadaccini on said :
  7. Of course you can! We did. (There’s isn’t video yet!) The glass is 5 mm but you also have the LCD right up against it. So, together it is close to the strength of the MT50 (which had 10 mil glass). Here’s the link to the original test for others who might be reading this:

  8. Tom Hielscher on said :
  9. What is the repair concept for a display table such as the MT55.
    Spare parts?
    Dare I ask, MTBF?

    Looks nice,

    We are interested, please e-mail me particulars.


    Tom Hielscher

  10. Jim Spadaccini on said :
  11. Tom,
    The table has 1 year full warranty, parts and service. We offer options to extend it too. The computer comes with a 3 year onsite warranty from HP. Email us at info (at) and we will send you more information.

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