GestureWorks-Built App Featured on Onion News Network

A GestureWorks application is helping the Onion News Network create “the most reliable news on television.” The Onion News Network, a new show from the popular satirical news source The Onion, debuts Friday using the multitouch Recon Wall media browsing application.
Inside The Onion News Network

The Recon Wall is a custom-built GestureWorks application that allows Onion anchors to manipulate and draw on images or video in real-time. The app is featured on a 52″ NextWindow 2700 overlay. An inexpensive 2-point alternative to CNN’s $100,000+ touch wall, the NextWindow system, including LCD & software, cost around $5000.

You can view the Recon Wall throughout the video above (or zip ahead to 1:26 to see Tucker Hope using it). And be sure to tune into IFC at 10 EST (8 MST for our local friends) to watch the Onion News Network.

Or see more of the app functionality in this video:


3 thoughts on “GestureWorks-Built App Featured on Onion News Network

  1. Is this app written using Flash and GW library? What hardware (I mean a PC configuration) do you recommend for such app to run flawlessly?

    • This application was written in Flash with Gestureworks.
      We ran this app on similar hardware below, and it worked extremely well:
      Windows 7 64 bit
      Intel Core i7 970 six-core
      10GB DDR3-1066MHz
      1.5TB 7200 RPM Hard Disk Drive
      nVidia GeForce 460 1GB
      This setup cost around $1,800 dollars. It’s probably overkill, but has absolutely no issues running the app. You could probably get away with say an Intel Core i7 930 quad core, and 6GB of memory, and still have plenty of processing overhead for it to run smooth.

  2. Woow indeed 10 GB sounds like a lot of overkill for a Flash App. On the processing side. Doesn’t Flash only use single or duo core at most? Do you get any profit out of the 6 core version? But indeed the app runs sweet and smooth :) Congrats on that!

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