GestureWorks – Flash Multitouch SDK is now available!

gesturworks flash multi-touch SDK framework

Today we released a trial version of the first Adobe Flash Multitouch SDK complete with drivers for the HP TouchSmart and Dell Studio One. You can download the free alpha trial version on the GestureWorks site.

The Gestureworks development environment provides a simplified and standardized approach to multitouch application development. Of course, this Flash framework can be used with our multitouch table along with Natural User Interface’s Snowflake Software and other devices and software that support the TUIO protocol.  You can learn more about GestureWorks by reading our press release.

This Fall we will release the full version of GestureWorks. To keep up to date with the latest developments concerning GestureWorks, follow us on Twitter or join our mailing list on the GestureWorks site.

Update September 9, 2009: We’ve announced pricing and date release information for Gestureworks.


2 thoughts on “GestureWorks – Flash Multitouch SDK is now available!

    Nate Solas on said :
  1. Wow, congrats Ideum team! I need two things: 1) more time, so I can test this out, and 2) an actual multitouch screen to work on… Time to see what grants have a technology aspect that might apply! :)

  2. Nate. Thanks. Can’t help you with “1)” but if you find the time you can use a multitouch simulator, we have links on our download page. Also, the HP TouchSmart and Dell Studio One are pretty inexpensive. ;-)

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