Ideum Expands

In August, we will be expanding the Ideum “campus” by adding a new studio space across the street. This new space (studio “C”) will allow us to work on larger exhibit installations, speed turn around time for multitouch tables, and give us room to add a few new developers. Studio C is raw and it will built out over the next 6 weeks. ┬áHere’s some photographs of the space, full sized images are available on Ideum’s Flickr site.

I’ll post more pictures as the new space is built out.



7 thoughts on “Ideum Expands

  1. Congratulations!

  2. David Alexander on said :
  3. Great news – congrats Jim and staff!

  4. Jennifer Ng on said :
  5. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing how the new space turns out.

  6. Pietro Santachiara on said :
  7. It looks supercool! Congratulations Jim!

  8. Al Hillmann on said :
  9. Congratulations on that gloriously empty new space. We know good things will happen as it fills up.

    Keep the good news coming!

    All best,
    Al and Michal

  10. Gringo Zero on said :
  11. Oh good, finally a new home for the Elvis shrine!
    I’ll starting shipping pieces to you immediately.

  12. shelly valdez on said :
  13. Hurray! Congratulations on the new level of your company.
    The building looks great!

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