A Survey of Museum Blogs & Community Sites

We’ve just finished our first survey of museum blogs and community sites. The complete report is available as a PDF at the bottom of this post.

We found 26 sites and collected basic information about each. The sites range from Art Museum blogs to Science Museums community-sites to personal blogs about museums. Here’s a portion of the Summary and Methodology from the Survey…

The purpose of this survey was to get a sense of the level
of activity within the museum field when it comes to
blogging and developing community-based sites. While
conducting research for various papers and presentations,
we couldn’t find a single source anywhere that contained
all of this information.

A number of sites included here were quite helpful in
pointing us to additional museum blogs and sites. In
particular, the Walker New Media Initiatives Blog (one
of six that the Walker Art Center Hosts) and Mario Bucolo
Museums Blog, were great sources. To a certain extent
these two very different blogs are representative of
what we found. The Walker Blog is over a year old, is
made up of six separate blogs, has multiple contributors,
and is sanctioned by a museum. Mario Bucolo’s blog is
just two months old and is a personal blog focusing on
museums. As you’ll see, the sites listed here are quite
diverse in how they operate and who they serve.

In terms of sheer numbers, museums have been slow to
develop blogs and community sites. Along with following
links from site to site, we searched various Web and
blog search engines. We found a total of 26 sites that
are either produced by museums for the public, or that
focus on what museums do. Technorati, a popular blog
search engine claims it searches 29.6 million blogs (as of
March 3, 2006). Apparently, museum blogs are literally

The complete report is available below:

icon.jpg Museums: 2.0: A Survey of Museum Blogs & Community Sites


16 thoughts on “A Survey of Museum Blogs & Community Sites

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  3. Jim, thanks to your work I integrate the list in my blog and I add 5 more from The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts blog. Now entries are 52 plus my blog.


  4. Hello! I just wanted to let the blogosphere know that I’ve started writing a new blog on museums called, “Museum Madness”. The blog can be found at http://www.museum-madness.blogspot.com/

  5. Everyone,
    We’ll posting a follow up in a couple days. There’s lot’s to report.


  6. Everyone, please consider the idea to meet during AAM/Boston, will be a good occasion to share experience, comments, ideas and to illustrate to collegues that want to create a museum blog how to do on the base of our experience.

    I post the invitation on my blog, so comments there to share the meeting idea.


  7. Interesting list and nice to be included in it! One small note, I’m not sure that Museums and the Web is running anymore – you might want to investigate?

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  11. Hi there. I just came upon your blog post because I was actually asking myself this same question “How many museums/galleries have blogs”. I found your report very interesting and I agree that museum blogs are “one in a million” and it’s a shame! The notion of Web2.0 and Blogging has such potential as a vehicle for timely communication among “like minded people”.

    I’m interested in this topic because ArtLOOK is a bit unique as it focus’ on web design and online marketing for artists, galleries and art concerns. ArtLOOK has just posted, on April 19th, a brief article on “How Blogging Can Help Your Art Career”. Of course, this info serves museums as well.

    I have to tell you that 7 years ago when i started my business, I was told by a museum curator that my intention of creating web design for galleries, and museums was “very pedestrian”. Well not so anymore with nearly every gallery/museum having an online presence. Perhaps as you say…next year museum blogs will not be so “one in a million”. I’d be very interested in any follow up/discussions/meetings you have on this matter.

  12. Thanks for your comments, I enjoyed ArtLOOK and I’ve added it to my favorites at Technorati. We will have more to report about museum blogs and I will mention your blog in our next round up. All the best.

  13. Thanks Jim!

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  16. Hi,

    I just started a blog about contemporary museum design. I will now check out all the various blogs on museums out there. I agree…. not enough of them. My site Architecture for Art is hoping to build a community of museums and ideas about art and space. We’d love to have you join us in this endeavor.
    we’re new….. so we would love feedback on what you would like from us. In the meantime, I will check out all these comments and go to other blogs.