Redesigned Touch Tables & Displays in 2016

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Our goals for 2016 were simple: incorporate new touch technology, provide more choices for our hardware customers, and improve our entire line of multitouch tables and touch walls.

Our goals for 2016 were simple: incorporate new touch technology, provide more choices for our hardware customers, and improve our entire line of multitouch tables and touch walls. As with most creative endeavors, there is always room for improvement, so the work goes on, but here’s what we accomplished in 2016 with an eye on where we are headed in 2017.

In February 2016, we announced that we were the first company to offer a 65” Ultra HD 4K 3M display (even before 3M themselves). Later that spring, we offered the world’s first Ultra HD 4K multitouch coffee table with a 55” screen. We then followed up by adding 43” and 49” Ultra HD 4K displays that led to a total of 10 new hardware models. Our white paper, published in August, outlined the technical features of these new displays, see: New 43″ & 49″ 3M Touch Displays & Multitouch Tables.

Ideum now offers 4K Ultra HD multitouch coffee tables with 43″, 46″ (HD), 49″ and 55″ sizes. Our popular Platform and Drafting tables are available in the same sizes and with 65″ Ultra HD displays. Our Pro series of touch tables is available with 49″, 55″ or 65″ displays. In 2016, we upgraded and standardized all of the components for these integrated systems. All of our table models include 3M touch technology, commercial LG monitors, Intel i7 processors, and NIVDIA GTX 1070 (or better) graphics cards. In case you missed it, please see our blog post about these components: What goes into an Ideum touch table or a Touch Wall.

Along with improving and expanding our line of multitouch tables, in September we presented a completely new form factor with the release of the Portrait touch and motion kiosk. This stand-alone vertical touch wall can be purchased with an integrated Microsoft Kinect for motion-based applications. Like our tables, it comes with an Ultra HD 4K display, 3M touch technology and our powerful, integrated computer configuration.

A prototype that we built in late 2016, the Console, will become a product in 2017. This innovative Ultra HD 55″ touch desk is designed for production environments. With the ability to transform from a flat surface to a drafting-style table, and with interlocking shelving to allow for new configurations, the Console is our most flexible touch table yet.

In addition, in 2016 we redesigned and re-released the Colossus, a giant 86″ multitouch table.  In November, we announced that we were accepting pre-orders. This redesigned touch table debuts in February.

Along with all the improvements and new additions to our product line in 2016, our software group added Linux support and support for object recognition on touch tables with the release of Tangible Engine.

In 2017, watch for more new developments as we are revamping the manufacturing method for our displays and looking to redesign our bases. We are thankful for all of our amazing clients who helped make 2016 our best year ever. Thank you for your support as we strive to design and build the best quality large scale touch tables and touch displays in the world.

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