Senator Udall and Steve Case of AOL Fame Visit Ideum

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Rise of the Rest 5.0 Road Trip with Steve Case stopped at Ideum!

The Rise of the Rest 5.0 Road Trip with Steve Case made a stop at Ideum on October 6, 2016. Rise of the Rest is a nationwide effort to work closely with entrepreneurs in emerging startup ecosystems. This tour will visit five cities, including Albuquerque, in five days with the goal of selecting a startup in each city to be awarded a $100,000 investment from Steve Case. New Mexico Senator Udall joined the Rise of the Rest group this morning on the tour of Ideum.


Senator Udall (left), John-Mark Collins, Ideum (center), Steve Case (right)

Ideum was happy to be a stop on the Rise of the Rest tour in the Albuquerque area, as we are a well-established tech company that has helped spawn growth and entrepreneurial spirit in New Mexico. Steve Case and his team toured our production space, where our hardware is built with metal from New Mexico. John-Mark Collins, Ideum’s Chief Experience Officer, described our new extrusion method for our multitouch table stands and explained how this strategy is going to keep the metal production for our products in New Mexico, while keeping our hardware competitive. The group also visited our studio space and had the opportunity to engage with some of our recent interactives that span local projects at the ABQ BioPark to commercial projects that utilize our cutting edge Tangible Engine object recognition software, such as our interactive coffee experience created for Starbucks.  


John-Mark Collins (far right) in Ideum’s production space explaining our new extrusion manufacturing method to the Rise of the Rest group.


Senator Udall and Steve Case exploring the Starbucks interactive developed with our Tangible Engine SDK.

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