GestureWorks Core 1.5 Release

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Ideum is pleased to announce the recent release of GestureWorks Core version 1.5.

Cross-posted from the GestureWorks blog:

Ideum is pleased to announce the release of GestureWorks Core version 1.5.

The GestureWorks Core SDK is a wide-ranging gesture processing library Ideum offers for Windows Desktop applications. This development kit enables developers to easily incorporate multitouch gestures into Unity, .NET, and C++ Windows Desktop applications.

The new version of GestureWorks Core boasts new features, including:

  • Thread safety
  • Gesture Sequencing
  • Multi-window configuration options
  • The ability to use both normalized and pixel coordinates

To learn more, visit our updated site at

Contact [email protected] to receive your upgrade, or [email protected] to purchase a copy today!

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