GestureWorks on Multiple Touch Screens & Leap Motion Device (Video)

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Ideum's new framework, GestureWorks Core, is now available as an alpha version. Try it out today.

As we have have mentioned on GestureWorks blog, we are currently working towards releasing a new multitouch SDK for C++, .NET, JAVA, and Python. GestureWorks Core is now available as an Alpha version.  Along with amazingly fast gesture processing, GestureWorks Core supports over 300 gestures and the Gesture Markup Language.

GestureWorks Core can also work on multiple screens simultaneously (3M and Ultrabook) and it works “out of the box” with the Leap motion device, providing support for 2D and 3D gestures. Check out the video below:


You can apply to try the Alpha version of GestureWorks Core (Java will be available in a few weeks). The full release of GestureWorks for all development platforms is coming in early 2013.

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