MT55 Platform Multitouch Table Stress Test

Here at Ideum, we take pride in building the most ruggedized multitouch tables in the world. When Microsoft announced the Samsung SUR40 Surface 2.0 ®, they referred to it as a ”Ruggedized PC… designed for industrial commercial application, ” bragging that the Samsung SUR40 Surface 2.0 ® “can take the impact of a beer bottle dropped from 18 inches without breaking.” We respectfully disagree with Microsoft’s definition of ruggedized.

Ideum’s multitouch tables are designed and engineered to withstand significantly more abuse than a falling beer bottle. Last year we dropped a 13 lb. bowling ball on our MT-50 multitouch table (now discontinued). Just last week, we opted to repeat “The Bowling Ball Test” on our sleek new MT55 Platform multitouch table. Admittedly, we worried that we might be pushing the limits of careful engineering…

How did the MT55 Platform perform? Watch this amazing video to find out:

As “The Bowling Ball Test” demonstrates Ideum’s multitouch tables are truly ruggedized for public use; built from aircraft-grade aluminum, cold-rolled steel and protected by a hardened glass surface. This level of stress testing ensures that the Ideum MT55 series will meet or exceed the demands of busy public environments, blending strength, high performance and exceptional design into a plug-and-play form factor. Don’t try this with any other multitouch table.

A video tour of the MT55 Platform can be seen here, or viewed on our youTube page. For more information, high-resolution photographs, pricing and specifications for the MT55 Pro and Platform multitouch tables visit this page.

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