The MT55 Platform Now Offers Universal Power Compatibility

We’ve received enormous interest in the MT55 Platform outside of North America. Thanks to a new universal power system, the Platform will soon be making it’s international debut. The newly integrated power system allows the MT55 Platform multitouch table to be used with a wide array of voltage, frequency, and electrical socket types, making it compatible with most international power standards.

MT55 Platform universal power system

Rated for 110V-240V use, the MT55 Platform is ready for nearly every modern voltage standard out-of-the-box. The power management and control system is housed in the base of the multitouch table, terminating at a universal three prong outlet that allows the table to connect a cord fitting most outlets (B, C, E, J, K, etc.).

MT55 Platform universal power system

The first universal MT55 Platform touch tables have already quietly shipped to select locations in Europe. The official roll-out will begin in September. Watch this blog and sign up for notification to learn when the MT55 Platform will become available in your region.

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