The MT55 Platform Multitouch Table Has Arrived.

Today Ideum is releasing the MT55 Platform multitouch table. The second multitouch table in the MT series, The Platform redefines our product line with an elegant new design. The Platform houses an efficient integrated computer, reliable solid state components, and a bright 55-inch interactive LED LCD display inside an impossibly thin 3″ surface.

MT55 Platform Multitouch Table

The MT55 Platform offers many of the same features as the MT55 Pro. The 55″ full HD display uses an optical multitouch system that supports 32 simultaneous touch points for collaborative interaction. The interactive surface of the MT55 Platform is protected by a sheet of crystal clear, 5mm tempered glass. We’re also introducing a new surface option for all of our multitouch tables: Sevasa HapticGlas®, produced exclusively for Ideum. Micro-etched HapticGlas® provides tactile feedback, reduces fingerprints, increases scratch resistance, and directs user focus.

Like every MT table, the MT55 Platform is accessible by design. The hardened aluminum frame of the Platform stands 31″ tall, matching ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements. Connectivity comes standard with integrated Wireless N, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and hidden USB, and HDMI ports. It also includes blue LED under-lighting, integrated cooling, a modular base which can be bolted to the floor, and a full two-year warranty.

The MT55 Platform is currently available in the US and Canada. We expect to begin shipping the MT55 Platform internationally in the coming weeks. Please contact us with questions, or to learn when the Platform is coming to your region.

For more information about the MT55 Platform , please download the press release:

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