GestureWorks 2.1 For Flex Released!

GestureWorks for Flex logoWe’ve recently made some significant changes to GestureWorks to improve Flex authoring. Today, we are releasing GestureWorks 2.1 for Flex, a dedicated version of GestureWorks for Flashbuilder, AIR, Eclipse, and PowerFlasher FDT.

This new build offers enhanced support for custom development environments and a restructured event system, making it more compatible with existing Flex tools. GestureWorks 2.1 for Flex broadens your development and publishing options, too. Using the new SDK, developers can publish to SWF, AIR or projector EXE. With GestureWorks or MXML or add Air 2.5 to publish AIR applications.

GestureWorks 2.1 Publishing Workflow

Current users will be able to upgrade to the new Flex build for free using their existing license key. New users can download a free trial of the GestureWorks for Flex here.

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