Clear Plexiglass Panelled Multitouch Table Debuts at Museums and the Web

Last week—at the Museums and the Web conference in Denver—our multitouch table bared all. A clear plexiglass side panel allowed conference attendees to see all of the components inside. Ever since we built our first table back in 2008, we have continued to make big improvements.

Just recently we’ve moved to i7 architecture in our custom computer unit, giving us 60+ simultaneous touch points. In addition, we’ve added super-bright IR LEDs—which are 20 times as bright as the LEDs available when our table first came out.  These powerful LEDs “flood” our illumination system with IR making the table perform great under a variety of lighting conditions.  (Beyond hardware, our software package has also improved: now our GestureWorks framework for Flash and Flex, and our editable CollectionViewer and Google Mapping exhibit software are included.)

You can see the full specifications for our MT-50 Multitouch Table on our Website. We have pictures from the conference below. If you’d like to see more photos and a short video, check out the Ideum photostream on Flickr.

The custom computer got a clear plexiglass panel too.

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