GestureWorks 1.1 & Open Source Gesture Library

We’re excited to announce the release of GestureWorks 1.1 and our open source gesture library! Ideum first released GestureWorks back in December. We’ve recently implemented some performance enhancements in the latest version to further improve a software that was already the best multitouch development environment for Flash.

Part of ensuring that GestureWorks continues to evolve as a rich development environment is the release of the gesture library as open source. Since gestural interfaces are such a new development, there is a strong need to keep part of the framework open and editable. The gesture library contains our ActionScript code for each gesture and touch event possible in GestureWorks, as well as example gesture code to give developers a template for writing their own gestures. Anyone is free to create their own gesture and touch events and distribute them to others, in the hope of facilitating complex and interesting multitouch development in Flash as well as promoting an open community of practice.

Open Source Gesture Library Poster
Download from Wikimedia Commons. (169 KB)

We’ve also released our individual gesture illustrations for download to aid developers in writing easily understandable documentation for each program they create, and as a resource for anyone who needs clear graphical representation of multitouch gestures as the number of gestures possible in multitouch environments continues to grow.

The gesture library is licensed under FreeBSD and our gesture illustrations have been released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license.

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