100″ Multitouch Table Exhibit Exploring The Electromagnetic Spectrum

This week, we are installing a number of new technology-based exhibits for the Wonders of the Universe | Space Chase Gallery exhibition at Adventure Science Center in Nashville, Tennessee.  One of the exhibits we collaborated on includes a large-scale multitouch table that allows visitors to explore and learn about the Electromagnetic Spectrum in new ways.  Taking advantage of the table’s super-wide screen format, we’ve created a digital representation of the EM Spectrum from radio waves to gamma rays.  Visitors can move images across the table to see how they are imaged in each waveform and tabs on each image allow them access information about what they are seeing.

With a 100″ surface and an 86″ viewable area, it is one of the largest contiguous multitouch tables yet developed.  The screen has a 16 x 5 aspect ratio and a 2304 x 800 pixel high-resolution screen. The table can support over 50 simultaneous touch points, allowing several people to interact with the table at the same time.

The exhibit displays various celestial and terrestrial images in a variety of wavelengths. NASA images of the sun and various nebulae can be seen in all wavelengths . . .



. . .  as well as common and iconic objects, specially photographed. For example, a birthday cake with lit candles, a toy robot, an alarm clock, and even a hand holding an iPhone are seen in visible, infrared, ultraviolet, and x-ray. The images that appear here along with high-resolution images of the 100″ table can be found on the Ideum Flickr site.

The custom software was developed with Adobe Flash and Ideum’s own GestureWorks framework, which allows Flash developers to easily develop their own custom multitouch applications. GestureWorks will be available for sale to other developers in early December.  The table design is based on Ideum’s commercially available MT-50 multitouch table.

The Space Chase exhibition opens to the public on November 7th at the Adventure Science Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

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