Jukebox Memories Case Study

juke2.jpgI just posted a case study about Jukebox Memories on the ExhibitFiles site. This computer-based exhibit is part of the Memory exhibition developed by the Exploratorium back in 1998. Jukebox Memories plays 120 #1 songs from 40 years of popular music spanning the dawn of rock and roll right through to the mid-1990s. The exhibit employs a simple question and answer format, asking the visitor which artist performed a particular song. While this activity engages most visitors, the exhibit is not about pop music trivia, it is about the memories that visitors associate with particular songs and eras.

I helped design and develop Jukebox Memories while working at the Exploratorium in the 90s. For that same exhibition, I helped develop another exhibit, A Memory Artist. The exhibition website is still up and is now, like the exhibit itself, nearly a decade old. You can check out the case study on the ExhibitFiles.

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