Nevada coal power plant stopped. For good!

smokestack.jpgIn 2005, we helped design the Nevada Clean Energy website. The Nevada Clean Enerby Coalition is devoted to finding alternative energy sources and opposing the massive Granite Fox power plant, which was to be built in Northern Nevada. Last year, Sempra Energy decided to try to sell its interest in the plant. Just today we found out they’ve given that up as well!

Here’s a copy of the “Withdrawl of Application” presented to the Public Utilities Commision of Nevada.


This is a great victory for all of us in the West who are concerned about our energy future. It shows that a small but dedicated coalition can make a difference, even when they’re up against a multi-billion dollar company (Sempra’s revenues in 2006 were $12 billion). We hope Sempra will pursue sustainable energy production, rather than dirty coal-fired power. Congratulations to the Nevada Clean Energy Coalition and people of Northern Nevada!

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