Museums and the New Web: The Promise of Social Technologies

dimensions_cover_large.jpgMuseums and the New Web: The Promise of Social Technologies, an article that I wrote for the Association of Science – Technology Center’s Dimensions Magazine is now available online. It is part of an issue that is focused on Web 2.0 technologies (although the term “social technologies” was used instead.)

The article is similar in scope to two others that I worked on earlier this year: Museums and Web 2.0 for the Exhibitionist’s 25th anniversary issue and Community Sites & Emerging Sociable Technologies, which I co-wrote with Kevin Von Appen from Ontario Science Centre and Bryan Kennedy from Science Museum of Minnesota. Articles by both Kevin and Byran also appear in this issue of Dimensions.

Kevin wrote a case study on the innovative RedShift Now website, while Bryan (along with Liza Pryor) described the process of developing Science Buzz, (which was “Best of the Web” at this year’s Museums and the Web Conference and deservedly so). There are some other very interesting articles as well, their titles are listed on the ASTC Dimension website. Unfortunately that’s all you find from these articles, you’ll have to order the issue to read them.

Museums and the New Web: The Promise of Social Technologies outlines the challenges and opportunities that the Web 2.0 presents for museums. I look at the museum blogosphere but also touch on other examples on found in the museum world. You can read the entire article here.

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