Where to Recycle, A Google Maps Mashup

Over the last two months, we’ve been working on our first Google Map Mashup using the Google Maps API. Our client has given us permission to release the site to solicit feedback. The application is (of course) in “Beta.”

Where to Recycle in Torrance, California allows city residents to easily find recycling centers based on the items they wish to recycle. The concept is simple: the easier it is to recycle, the more recycling will happen.


We conducted a card sort and worked with the City to try to come up with logical categories for items. In addition, we added a “Find As You Type” search function.

An extensive administrative back-end allows the City to easily update locations and items (see image below). We’ve made extensive use of Ajax for both the front- and back-end of the application, making tasks simpler and improving usablity.


Where to Recycle will be part of a larger web presence focusing on recycling in the city, to be released in the Fall. In the meantime, please feel free to try out Where to Recycle, we’d appreciate any comments you might have.

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