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It seems more and more the projects that we’re involved in, involve RSS. For those you not familiar take a look at What is RSS and Why Should I Care, a very straight-forward article on Search Engine Watch.

First off, RSS feeds continue to multiply: RSS has about 120,000 listed which Feedburner claims over 250,000, but since nearly every blog has an associated RSS feed (or multiple ones), there are literally tens-of-millions of feeds (Technorati claims it has over 33 million blogs in its search engine).

Of course there is a blog dedicated to everything RSS, but what really caught my attention was the way in which a few sites are gathering, mixing, and filtering RSS feeds.

FeedRinse – Is an easy way to “filter” RSS streams. As they claim it, “…lets you automatically filter out syndicated content that you aren’t interested in. It’s like a spam filter for your RSS subscriptions.”

RSS Mix – Allows you mix RSS feeds and create new ones! For example, here’s an HTML page that was created from a mix of four blogs some of which I cited in our Museum Blog Round Up 2. The four sites I threw into this feed are the Ideum blog, Hanging Together, Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, and The Curator’s Egg.

If you’re looking for more on RSS, Tech Crunch has a recent article on The State of Online Feed Readers with a comparison of Bloglines, feedlounge, Google Reader, and News Gator, among others.

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