Windows XP on a Mac

Just last week Apple celebrated its 30th anniversary. I’ve been an avid user since the days of the Apple IIe and I’ve worked my way through dozens of Apple computers, including an Outbound, Apple notebook clone! (The makers were sued by Apple and put out of business.)

Marking the anniversary, a friend sent along a couple of quizzes which test your Apple knowledge: [email protected] trivia (hard) and How much do you know about Apple (easy).

Since the Apple began shipping computers with Intel chips earlier in the year, it was just a matter of time before someone got Windows XP running on a Mac. Just today I found out that has released “Bootloader 0.1” which lets you load Windows XP on an Intel Mac. The next 30 years should be just as interesting.

Update (4-5-06): Apple has just introduced their own Public Beta Software which allows Intel Macs to Run Windows XP. It’s called Boot Camp.

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