Museum Blog Round Up: 2

Out of discussions we all had at Museums and the Web, The Walker’s New Media Initiatives Blog is asking So what is a “blog carnival”?

Along those same lines Mario Bucolo Museums Blog is trying to organize a meet up in AAM Boston.

In other blogs…The Pulitzer blog at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis provides a tour of their Underbelly. has posted on the Metropolitan’s Scholars’ License this is second time we’ve heard about STEVE in a week. The Curator’s Egg says “Flash! Ah-aaah!” as they look at the collaborative online ‘game” put together by our friend Geoff Crane and Questacon in Australia. The is gone? No they are All New and Coming Soon.

New blogs. A few museum blogs that did make our Survey of Museum Blogs or the follow up have contacted me. Australia’s Powerhouse Museum has a fresh + new blog that has been posting since May 2005. Kulturelle Welten is a German language blog about museums. Finally, the Museum Detective joins us from New Zealand.

Looking for more from museum blogs? You can check out our first Museum Blog Round Up.

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