The Web 2.0 Build Up

At next week’s Museums and the Web Conference the theme is the Web 2.0. From the opening plenary to the closing, everyone is talking about it. The closing plenary is even called Museum 2.0 (which is the second time I’ve seen this term, :-)).

I thought it might be interesting to chart the term “Web 2.0” in Technorati. Since February 1st, there have been roughly average of 1,000 posts with the term Web 2.0 compared to about 100 in March of last year. Whether we like the term or not, it has come to represent the lastest wave in development on the Web. Along with the chart, check out this list of All things Web 2.0. You’ll find sites like Bryght, Phrasr, Reevoo, Plazes, and a whoyl groop of Websites with straynge Web 2.0 namz.

Posts that contain Web 2.0 per day for the last 360 days.

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