Solar Viewer 10,000

The Solar Viewer is closing in on 10,000 downloads. Not a bad showing in less four days. While the Sun-Earth Viewer remains a popular Web site, the widget in four days has reached more people than the original Flash-based viewer does in a month.

We had a similiar experience when we made a video podcast of clips found in the Traditions of the Sun site. We had over 4,000 downloads in the first week. While much has been made of the Web 2.0, in the simplest terms these new technologies provide new opportunities for us and our clients to reach new audiences. By simply, repurposing some of our existing content we’ve reached whole new audiences and in larger numbers. (The quality of the user experience is another topic for another time.)

What is unclear is whether we will continue to find these large audiences through podcasting and widgets. Being an “early adopter” provides with an audience hungry for content. For example, it took only 19 days from the release of the video iPod for the iTunes Store to rack up one million downloads. Maximizing the keyword “video” in our video podcasts helped push our numbers along as well. After all, what would you search for if you just bought a video iPod?

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